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Ben English offers courses for learning English online and face to face. Learning English with us does not have to be in the classroom, it can be done anywhere any time at your own comfort at real time. At BenEnglish, you can learn English in 1 on 1 class or in a group class of 5 – 8 students.

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Learning English.

Learning English Speaking

Learning General English

General English helps you improve your English knowledge and skills for communication.

English Test Preparation Courses

Learning English for Test Preparation

This prepares you for sitting international English tests of IELTS, TOEIC, and so on.

English for Specific Purposes 2

Learning English for Specific Purposes

Get your career groth with the English for specific purposes. Let’s learn more now.

Learning English | Tiếng Anh Trung học Phổ thông

Tiếng Anh Trung học

Dành cho học sinh trung học từ lớp 6 đến lớp 12 trên toàn quốc. Hãy tìm hiểu ngay nhé.

English Speaking Club

English Speaking Club

This is where you can make new friends around the world and practice your English.

learning English

English Discussion Board

Let’s Learn English and build up our connection with other people, and share our knowledge.

Learning English with BenEnglish.

We use “SmartSchool” e-learning system to conduct online English courses we offer. Students log in the system, watch videos and do online exercise practices in the system, then attend live English classes to practice English.

We also provide in-person English courses for you living in the neighbourhood where our tutoring centers are in.

If you need help for learning English with BenEnglish, you can drop us questions in the Support Portal.

Learning English

Learning English online.

We have online English courses for learning English Speaking, getting ready for international English tests, (such as TOEIC, IELTS, PTE, Cambridge English Assessment, …), English for school students in Vietnam, English for Specific Purposes; English for Acounting, English for Engineering, English for Civil Engineer, English for Business, etc. Our online English courses are conducted through an e-learning system with fully featured educational platfom.
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Learning English online

Learning English in person.

We build in-person (face to face or offline) English courses for learning English speaking, international English test preparation, English courses for school students in Vietnam, etc. Our expert, highly qualified teachers provide you an engaging, interactive face-to-face English classes, and courses. We help you build the confidence to use English in real life situations. Visit us today either at:

1. Thong Nhat street, Ward 16, Go Vap District, HCMC. Tel/Zalo: 0932 232 027
2. Thanh Xuan 14 street, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, HCMC. Tel/Zalo: 0936 570 778

Learning English online

Learning English free

Learning English has been made much easier at Ben English. You can learn English online any time and anywhere through a mobile phone, an iPad or a computer with internet connection. We have a lot of free English lessons and activities to help you learn English online and practice your English.

With our free English lessons, you can learn and improve your English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and speaking, reading and writing. Get started learning English today and advance your knowledge and skills for your dream job.

learning english effectively
Ben English makes English learning much easy. Learn English 24/7

I took an online speaking course with Ben English. I love the way teacher teaches. I really improve my skills after 6 months learning. Ben English is great, very helpful..”

Xuan Hoa,
an engineer, Hoa Binh Co.
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