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Ben English makes English learning much easier and more effective

Ben English class is built as an English learning portal with a fully featured e-learning system. It helps people have a better environment to learn English. Its students can learn English online and/or in person. It doesn’t matter where people live they can learn English with Ben.
Ben English is established and managed by Ben Tran. Ben Tran is currently holding an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) granted by Western Sydney University in Australia.
Ben English in HCMC has 2 tutoring centers that you can visit and enroll in your in-person English courses:

1. Go Vap: Thong Nhat street, Ward 16
Tel/Zalo: 0932232027
2. District 12: Thanh Xuan 14, Thanh Xuan ward
Tel/Zalo: 0936570778

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Learn English Grammar

We offer free English lessons for learning English grammar, each lesson comes with clear explanation of text and videos. Also, you can do exercise practice at the end of the lesson.

Learn English Vocabulary

You can improve your English vocabulary through free vocabulary lessons. The lessons are made in topics so it is easy to learn and remembers. Just watch video and learn the words.

Learn English Pronunciation

English pronunciation lessons consists of text and videos helping you learn sounds of English, words stress, sentence stress and necessary elements improving your English pronunciation.


Learn English with Expert teachers and handy materials and resources.
Our teaching team is professionally well-trained

John Doe
John Doe
Madge Maxwell
Madge Maxwell
Product Manager
Johnny Sandoval
Johnny Sandoval
UI Designer
William Park
William Park
IOS Developer


We have helped thousands of students learn English successfully through the years. See what our students say.

I took an online speaking course with Ben English. I love the way teacher teaches. I really improve my skills after 6 months learning. Ben English is great, very helpful.
Xuan Hoa
Engineer, Hoa Binh Co.
Con trai tôi là học sinh lớp 8, cậu nhóc tham gia học tiếng Anh cùng Ben English từ hồi lớp 7. Bạn rất mê ông thầy hỗ trợ bài tập về nhà. Rất nhiệt tình, và giải thích rõ ràng.
Chị Tím
Mẹ em Bảo, Nguyễn Du
Mình luyện TOEIC qua rất nhiều trung tâm. Thế mà mỗi lần đi thi đều thiếu 5 hay 10 điểm. Suốt 2 năm trời. Lớp TOEIC của Ben English giúp tôi đạt điểm chỉ sau 6 tuần.
Minh Nhựt
Sinh Viên, HUI

Ben English on Youtube

Ben English channel on Youtube has many videos for learning grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing and so on. We have videos uploaded every day during the week.
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