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Ben English (benenglishclass.com) is built as an English learning portal with a fully featured e-learning system. It helps people have a better environment to learn English fast. Its students can learn English online and/or in person. It doesn’t matter where people live they can learn English with Ben.

About Ben English

Ben English is established and managed by Ben Tran. Ben Tran is currently holding an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) granted by Western Sydney University in Australia.

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The E-learning System.

We use “Smart School” e-learning system to conduct online English courses. Students watch videos and do exercise practices in the system. Then they take part in live English class to practice English.

Ben English | Learn English

English Online Courses.

Learn English online with English courses that are useful, authentic and help you make progress, fast. Learn English fast as it’s used by native speakers in daily life.

English Courses

In-person English Courses.

Our expert, highly qualified teachers provide you an engaging, interactive face-to-face English classes, and courses. We help you build the confidence to use English in real life situations.

Why to choose learning English with us?

  • Learn English with professtional
  • Easy to use e-learning system
  • Practice using the language in the live classrom with online teachers
  • Choose to learn one-on-one as personal tutoring
  • Take part in a group class of 5 students as your choice.
  • Interact confidently in the real world and achieve the professional and personal success
Ben English | Learning English online

Learning English Online.

Learning English with courses made by Ben English. We have well-designed and professional materitals helping learn English fast and effectively with a fully featured e-learning system. You can choose to learn in your own scheduled time and at your own speed. Suitable for professionals and enthusiastic individuals, with a variety of interactive exercises and webinars

Ben English | Learning English in person

Learning English in person.

We build in-person English courses for learning English speaking, international English test preparation, English courses for school students in Vietnam, etc. Our expert, highly qualified teachers provide you an engaging, interactive face-to-face English classes, and courses. Visit us at the tutoring centers or contact us for support now.

I took an online speaking course with Ben English. I love the way teacher teaches. I really improve my skills after 6 months learning. BenEnglish is great, very helpful.

Xuan Hoa,
an engineer at Hoa Binh Co.
Let’s meet

Ben English Teaching Team.

Being a teaching member at Ben English, you need to hold a bachelor dergree in any field. And a TEFL certificate is a must. It is a plus if you have a TESOL degree of BA or MA..

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