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We offer different English courses for people who want to learn English faster and better. People can choose to learn English with us either online or offline at their most comfortable. 

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Whether you want to get ready for international English tests like IELTSTOEIC, just improve your English reading and writing skills, learn to speak English more fluently, or simply develop your English vocabulary, we offer a wide range of flexible and personalized online and offline (in-person) courses to suit your unique style of learning.

We combine self-study and teacher-led learning platforms with a wide variety of exclusive learning materials to support your study of the English language. Experience live, online group classes, personalized learning pathways, detailed progress tracking, and valuable feedback. You can also join our courses in person.

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Get started today with our Top Rated English Courses! People loves taking these courses; online and in person.

Online and In person

English Speaking Course

If you want to improve your English speaking skill, so this course is for you. We offer English Speaking course in blended learning platform, so you can learn English speaking online right at home or in person at our premises.


Online and In person

IELTS Test Preparation

We offer online and offline IELTS Preparation courses. You can contact us and inquire about the course you’re interested in. For taking online course, you need to have an student at Ben English Academy.


Online and In person

TOEIC Test Preparation

In order to enrol in the TOEIC Preparation course, you need to have a student account at Ben English Academy. With this account, you can join in the English courses helping you to be ready for TOEIC exam.


Common Courses

We have helped thousands of students around the world learn English and achieve their goal.

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English 6

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 7

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 8

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 9​

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 10​

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 11​

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

English 12 ​

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

Grade 10 Entrance Exam preparation​

11 sections • 28 lecture • 19h 33m total length

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