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Learn English Speaking.

We provide English Speaking course helping you improve your ability to speak English effectively and confidently. You can choose either learn to speak online or face-to-face.

About the course

The English Speaking Course created by Ben English.

Ben English offers English speaking Courses to people who want to practice and improve the speaking skills. Our speaking courses are in 2 levels; English Speaking level 1 & English Speaking leve 2. In each course level, we help you start learning English speaking quickly and confidently. The English Speaking Courses are designed for leaning online and in person, too. Based on your level, we build and customize the learning materials suitable to the learning needs.

learning english speaking course

Learn with Expert teachers

Our highly qualified English teachers are by your side and provide you with the right tools to help you interact confidently in the real world and achieve the professional and personal success you are working towards. Don’t hesitate and Get started today and improve your English.

English Speaking course

Learn with flexible schedule

Our online English Courses run 24/7, so you can learn English speaking in live group classes, and/or get speaking support from a private tutor online or face-to-face. Then you can practise speaking English by yourself at your own speed with a self-study course. Get started today.

Learning English Speaking

Learn online or in person

Learning English speaking with Ben English is a great choice for everyone as people can choose to learn online or take part in face-to-face classs. The online English Speaking courses are conducted through a fully-featured elearning system making the learning process the most effectively.

2 levels of English speaking courses.

It depends on how good you are at English at the time, you can choose the right course level for you. There are 2 levels of English speaking courses helping improve various aspects of speaking abilities.

english speaking 2 course | English Speaking Course 1(online/offline)

English Speaking Course level 1.

Complete the course at this level, you:

  • can understand and use very common everyday expressions and simple phrases for immediate needs
  • can introduce themselves and other people and can ask and answer questions about personal details, such as where they live, things they have and people they know
  • can communicate in a simple way if the other person talks slowly and clearly.
learning english speaking | English Speaking Course 1(online/offline)

English Speaking Course level 2.

After complete this course level, you are able to:

  • understand the main points of clear texts on familiar topics in standard language
  • manage most situations on a trip to places where English is used
  • produce simple, organised texts about familiar topics
  • describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations, and explain opinions and plans.

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