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Getting ready for TOEIC.

Ben English provides TOEIC preparation courses with tutorials to help you in your TOEIC exam. Discover our courses today and Take the TOEIC exam with total confidence and get the score you need with private and group TOEIC preparation classes!

About the Course.

We have different ways you can take part in courses and get ready for your coming TOEIC exam. Take the advantages of fully personalized tutoring or join in a group class of 5 students. You can either enroll in online or face-to-face course that suits you.

TOEIC Preparation Courses materials

We use all latest TOEIC books, and practice test materials to conduct the courses. When you enrol in any course, you are provided full details to download course materials with extra charge.

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Online TOEIC Preparation.

Get the score you need with Ben English TOEIC preparation courses. You can enjoy the flexible time schedule and prices in online group and/or private classes.

IELTS Preparation courses

In-person TOEIC Preparation.

Our in-person courses are specifically designed to support TOEIC test takers. We build and deliver courses to improve your skills in all two TOEIC test forms: Reading and Listening, Speaking and Writing.

Latest TOEIC information, and practices.

We regularly post latest updates the TOEIC test information and helpful exercise practices for TOEIC so it can help you build your language and skills for the test. Check out often and do the exercises.

Suggusted Plan and Pricing

Look at the suggested pricing table for TOEIC preparation courses below and contact us for more information. You can also post your questions in our support portal.



per month

Pay monthly with Basic plan to access to all online self-learning materials; included videos, quizes and exercise practices and one (1) 2-hour online class per week with expert teachers.



per month

Pay monthly with Standard plan to access to all online self-learning materials; included videos, quizes and exercise practices and three (3) 2-hour online classes per week with expert teachers.



per month

Pay monthly with Premium plan to access to all online self-learning materials; included videos, quizes and exercise practices and five (5) 2 hour online classes per week with expert teachers.

Take TOEIC Prepation Courses in person

If you want to take in-person TOEIC preparation courses, you can visit our tutoring center for details or contact us for support.
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Ben English Courses

Ben English is built to help ESL learners around the world learn English better and more effective. Our online English courses are conducted through an e-learning system as fully featured educational platform in which students and teachers communicate interactively. Learning English with us, you will learn by watching video, doing online exercise practice, then taking part in live online classes with real time teachers. We also build in-person English courses for learning English speaking, international English test preparation, English courses for school students in Vietnam, etc. Our expert, highly qualified teachers provide you an engaging, interactive face-to-face English classes, and courses.

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Ben English on Youtube

Ben English channel on Youtube has many videos for learning grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing and so on. We have videos uploaded every day during the week. Just visit our channel and improve your English knowledge and skills day by day.
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