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What is the General English?

General English refers to the English language used in everyday situations and for common purposes. It focuses on developing basic language skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.

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General English Courses

General English courses are designed to help learners improve their communication skills, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, enabling them to effectively communicate in a variety of real-life situations. These courses are usually non-specialized and cater to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.

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Learning English with Ben English

Learning English with Ben English is a great choice for everyone as people can choose to learn online or take part in face-to-face classs. The online English courses are conducted through a fully-featured elearning system making the learning process the most effectively. And if you want to join us in person courses. Just visit Ben English tutoring centers.
Ben English in HCMC has 2 tutoring centers that you can visit and enroll in your English courses:

1. Go Vap: Thong Nhat street, Ward 16
Tel/Zalo: 0932232027
2. District 12: Thanh Xuan 12, Thanh Xuan ward
Tel/Zalo: 0936 570 778

Ben English Courses

Ben English is built to help ESL learners around the world learn English better and more effective. Our online English courses are conducted through an e-learning system as fully featured educational platform in which students and teachers communicate interactively. Learning English with us, you will learn by watching video, doing online exercise practice, then taking part in live online classes with real time teachers.

Ben English on Youtube

Ben English channel on Youtube has many videos for learning English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing and so on. We have videos uploaded every day during the week.
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