How you spend your day

Speaking: How you spend your day?

In this speaking lesson, we learn to talk about how you spend your day. First, we learn common vocabulary and useful grammar structures used to talk about daily life, then we look at the conversations. Also, you can use what you learn here to talk about your day by using the comment section and post your talk.

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar structures
  • How do you spend your day?
  • Talk about your day

Vocabulary: how you spend your day

Cashier /kæˈʃɪə(r)/
Chef /ʃef/
Dancer /ˈdɑːnsə(r)/ , /ˈdænsər/
Flight attendant /ˈflaɪt ətendənt/
Musician /mjuˈzɪʃn/
Pilot /ˈpaɪlət/
Receptionist /rɪˈsepʃənɪst/
Singer /ˈsɪŋə(r)/
Tour guide /tʊə(r) ɡaɪd/
Salesperson /ˈseɪlzpɜːsn/
Carpenter /ˈkɑːpəntə(r)/
Nurse /nɜːs/

The job a person does:

  1. A salesperson sells clothes in a department store.
  2. A chef cooks food in a restaurant.
  3. A carpenter builds houses for a construction company.
  4. A flight attendant serves passengers for an airline.
  5. A receptionist answers the phone in an office.
  6. A nurse cares for patients in a hospital.
  7. A teacher works in a school and teaches students.
  8. A tour guide takes people on tour.
  9. A cashier works in a shop or restaurant and collects money from customers.
  10. A pilot flies a plane for an airline.

Useful Grammar structures

When we talk about how to spend our days, we use present simple statements. Let’s study the following WH questions and statements.

  • What do you do?
    I’m a student. And I have a part-time job.
  • Where do you work?
    I work in a supermarket as a salesperson.
  • What does Maya do?
    She’s an ESL teacher.
  • Where does she work?
    She works for a language school in town.
  • How does she like it?
    She loves it.

Let’s look at the conversations below. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences.

  1. A: What do you do?
    B: I’m a full-time student. I study biology.
    A: And _____ do you go to school?
    B: I ____ to the Truckee Meadows Community College.
    A: ____ do you like your classes?
    B: I _____ them a lot.
  2. A: What ____ Linda do?
    B: She’s a nurse. She works in a hospital in Denver.
    A: Where ____ her husband work?
    B: He ____ for a big company in Denver, too.
    A: ____ does he do exactly?
    B: He’s a web designer. He _____ great websites.

How do you spend your day?

In our life, different people do a different job to earn a living, so they spend their days in their own ways. Let’s check out what these people do to spend their days.

  1. Hi. my name’s Lan. I’m 34, and I’m an accountant. My day is simple because I do a 9 to 5 job. I get up at 6 am every day. I have breakfast at home and leave home for work at 7. I start work at 8 am and finish at 5. I go shopping for food on the way home from work. I get home at 6 or 6.30 pm, and I do cooking dinner. I usually watch youtube videos an hour or two before going to bed. 
  2. Alfred is a student. He’s from Malaysia. He is studying Economics at Universiti Malaya. He goes to school 4 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Every day he gets up at 8 or 9 in the morning, because he has classes in the afternoon. He studies and does research most at home. He likes hanging out with his friends at college at the weekends. They often go to the park. Sometimes they spend time in the internet cafe playing games. He really enjoys his student life. 

Talk about your day

It’s great to use what you learn from this lesson and practice your skill. Please the comment section below to express your ideas.