Grammar: Present Simple of BE

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The ‘BE” is really commonly used in English. In this lesson, we learn about the verb “BE” in the present tense and how to use “BE” in communication.

Forms of verb be in present tense

The ‘be’ can be used as an auxiliary and also as the main verb in the sentence.

There are 3 forms of ‘be’ in the present tense.


I am tall.
She is a student.
They are nurses.

Auxiliary verb

I’m reading about dogs.
What is she doing in London?
That car is painted yellow.

Main verb
He’s very rich.
My father is old now.
The weather is terrible.
The food is so good in Italy.

Lesson for learning about types of verbs

How to use ‘be’ in the present

Let’s learn how to use the verb ‘be’ in different situations.

  1. Use BE to ask and give information.
    – I’m Linda.
    – It isn’t right.
    – Is it a good book?
  2. Use BE to tell ages.
    – I’m 25 years old.
    – They are both 14 years old.
  3. Use BE and a/an to tell the job.
    – She’s a teacher.
    – They are doctors.
  4. Use BE to describe the weather.
    – It’s cold.
    – It’s really cool today.
  5. Use BE to talk about time and place.
    – It’s six o’clock.
    – He’s in HCM city.

Use ‘BE” to talk about you

I’m Tony (My name’s Tony). I’m from the U.S. I’m an engineer. I’m 25 years old. I’m friendly and sociable. I’m not very tall, about 168 centimeters. I’m a bit well-built. I’m really into sports.

Questions and Answers using ‘be’

Answer the questions with your own information

  • What’s your name?
    My name’s _________.
  • Where are you from?
    I’m from _________.
  • What’s your job?
    I’m ______________.
  • How old are you?
    I’m ________ years old.

Use ‘be’ to talk about a person you know

Her name’s Linda Brown. She’s from Canada. She’s 30 years old. She’s an ESL teacher. She’s kind and helpful. She’s tall and slim. She’s really pretty.

Answer questions:

  1. What’s her name?
  2. Where’s she from?
  3. How old is she?
  4. What’s her job?
  5. What’s she like?

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