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Grammar: Everything about English Verb Types

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In this lesson, we will learn everything about verbs in English. It is important to know what verb types in English are, so we can use them effectively.

Verb Types in English

In English, there are some types of verbs with different ways of use. Let’s start the lessons.

Main verbs:
In English, main verbs give direct meanings to actions, events, and states.
– It is a book.
– She went to work by car last week.
– It rained a lot in the summer last year.

Auxiliary verbs:
An auxiliary verb (or a helping verb as it’s also called) is used with a main verb to help express the main verb’s tense, mood, or voice.
There are 3 auxiliary verbs; be, do, have.
– He is writing a letter to his family. ( present continuous tense)
– Their house was broken in last night (passive voice)
– I have been to England several times.

Stative or linking verbs
Linking verbs and stative verbs are two separate categories, but most linking verbs are stative verbs.
Linking verbs can be verbs of sense (look, sound, taste, feel, smell, ect.). Linking verbs can be verbs of existence (e.g. be, become, appear, seem, remain, turn, ect.).
Stative verbs describe a state rather than an action. They aren’t usually used in the present continuous form.
I don’t understanding . Not I’m not understanding.
I like fruit. Not I’m liking fruit.


Non-continuous Verbs

In English, some verbs cannot be used in continuous form. Normally, these verbs are stative verbs. Look at below for list of non-continuous verbs:

  • thoughts and opinions: agreebelievedoubtguessimagineknowmeanrecogniseremembersuspectthinkunderstand
  • feelings and emotions: dislikehatelikelovepreferwantwish
  • senses and perceptions: appearbefeelhearlookseeseemsmelltaste
  • possession and measurement: belonghavemeasureownpossessweigh.

Infinitive verbs and Gerund

English learners have difficulty with gerunds and infinitives. A gerund is the –ing form of a verb that functions the same as a noun. For example, “Running is fun.” In this sentence, “running” is the gerund. It acts just like a noun.

The infinitive form of a verb appears either as the basic form (with no marking) or with the word “to.” For example, you can say “I might run to the store” or “I like to run.” In this sentence, “to run” is the infinitive.

Lesson for learning about infinitive verbs and gerund.

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