An introduction to

The IELTS reading test.

In this section, the IELTS reading test structure is discussed and the type of questions demonstrated. Strategies are suggested for dealing with the various question types of the reading test.

About IELTS Reading Test.

The IELTS Reading paper has 3 (three) different text passages with the total text length is 2150–2750 words and a total of 40 questions.

The text passages are authentic and academic in nature, but they are written for non-specialist audience. They are similar to the text you may be expected to read as parts of an undergraduate course. The styles may be descriptive or argumentative and at least one text passage has detailed logical argument. Texts may contain illustrations. If a text passage contains techinical terms, a simple glossary is provided. The three passages are graded from the easiest to the most difficult. Each passage has 13 to 14 questions.

ielts reading

Overview of Question types

What do I have to do?

The following guide may help you determine your English level:
• Choose one correct answer from alternatives A-D
• Choose two correct answers from alternatives A-E
• Choose three correct answers from alternatives A-G

ielts reading | multiple choice

Say whether a statement is True, False, or Not Given.

Say whether a statement agrees with claims or views(Yes), disagrees with the views or claims(No), or whether there is no information on this(Not Given)

Match information to the paragraph in the reading text passage.

Match a heading from a list of possible answers to correct paragraph or section of the test passages.

ielts reading | matching headings

Match a list of statement to list of possible answers in a box(e.g specific people or theories or dates).

Complete a sentence by choosing a suitable ending from a box of possible answers.

Complete a sentence with a suitable word or words from the text within the word limit given.

Complete a note/ a summary/ a table/ flow chart with a suitable word (or words) from a text.

Label a diagram with a suitable word (or words) from the text or from a box of possible answers.

Answer questions using words from the text.

Each correct answer receives 1 mark. Your final score is given as a band score from 1–9 in whole or half bands, e.g. 4 or 6.5.

There is no pass or fail.
• A score of 31-40 should be acceptable for postgraduate studies, and for membership of and recognition by certain professional bodies.
• A score of 26-30 will probably be an acceptable score for most institutions and purposes, although a higher score may sometimes be required.
• A score of 15-25 may not be an acceptable score, so you may need to spend more time practising before you take the test again.
• A score of 0-14 is unlikely to be an acceptable score, so you will have to spend a lot more time improving your listening skills in English.

The following guide may help you determine your English level:
• Band 9: Expert user
• Band 8: Very good user
• Band 7: Good user
• Band 6: Competent user
• Band 5: Modest user
• Band 4: Limited user
• Band 3: Extremely limited user
• Band 2: Intermittent user
• Band 1: Non-user

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