An introduction to

The IELTS Speaking test.

In this section, the IELTS Speaking test structure is discussed and the type of questions & topics demonstrated. Strategies are suggested for how to achieve high score in the speaking test.

About IELTS Speaking Test.

The Speaking test is for both general and academic candidates, and is an interview or conversation between one examiner and one candidate. The Speaking test assesses your ability to communicate effectively using the English language.

The Speaking test has three parts and lasts 11-14 minutes. All parts of the test are recorded for monitoring, and the examiner is trained and certified to deliver and to assess the test.

The examiner will control the timing of the exam and tell you when to start and to finish speaking. It is important that you show your best English communication skills during the test, so try to speak clearly and audibly, and answer questions as completely as you can.

IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking – Detailed Explanation

What does IELTS Speaking test include?

The IELTS Speaking test has three main parts: Introduction and Interview; Individual Long Turn; and Two-way Discussion. It is a face-to-face interview which assesses how well a candidate can communicate in spoken English. It is a general speaking skill and is broadly the same for all candidates.

Part 1: Introduction and Interview.

In this part, the examiner will ask some general questions about yourself such as your home, family, education, job, interests or hobbies, and a range of similar topic areas. The questions on familiar topics will give you chance to convey a lot of information about yourself and your life. This part lasts about 4-5 minutes.

Part 2: Indivial Long Turn

In this part, you will be given a task card (also known as a cue card or a topic card) and asked to talk on a particular topic for about 2 minutes. You have one minutes to organise your mind and prepare yourself before speaking at length, for 1-2 minutes. This part will last between 3-4 minutes. The examiner, then, asks one or two rounding off questions.

Let’s look at the task card below for example:

IELTS Speaking

Part 3: Two-way Discussion

In Part 3 of the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner and candidate engage in a discussion of more abstract issues and concepts which are thematically linked to the topic prompt in Part 2. The discussion lasts between 4-5 minutes. In this part, the candidate’s ability to justify opinions, analyze, discuss, and speculate about the issues will be assessed. There might be 1 or 2 follow-up questions related to the topic in Part 2 that are asked.

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IELTS Speaking

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