This is the complete English Grammar course. It is designed for all levels of English. Whether you are beginner or advanced, this course will help you the best. Let’s begin your lessons.

What is English Grammar?

English grammar is a system of regulations that allow us to build up sentences. It includes several aspects of the English language; parts of speech, clauses, punctuation, and mechanics of language.

In this English grammar course; we have clear grammar explanations with hundreds of examples of how grammar is used in natural written and spoken English.

English grammar

English Grammar Lessons

All English grammar lessons in this course are designed in 3 parts; Key grammar points, Example sentences, and practical exercises.

Parts of speech

Verb Tenses

Subject-Verb Agreement


The passive

Noun clauses

Adjective clauses

Gerunds and infinitives

Coordinating conjunctions

Adverb clauses

Reduction of adverb clauses to modifying adverbial phrases

Connectives that express cause and effective, contrast, and condition

Conditional sentences and Wishes

Prepositions and Prepositional phrases