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About the English Speaking Courses

Ben English offers English speaking Courses to people who want to practice and improve the speaking skills. Our English speaking courses are in 2 levels; English Speaking level 1 & English Speaking leve 2. In each course level, we help you start learning English speaking quickly and confidently. The English Speaking Courses are designed for leaning online and in person, too. So you can choose to join us the way that’s right for you. During the course, you will:

  • Speak English confidently and naturally on a wide range of daily topics.
  • Imrprove English knowledge of many different new words, phrases and structures.
  • Build your English Speaking skills and speak English fluently, like a native
  • Improve your English Listening skills – listen to a native speake 

Learning English Speaking with expert teachers.

Our highly qualified English teachers are by your side and provide you with the right tools to help you interact confidently in the real world and achieve the professional and personal success you are working towards.

English Speaking online & In person

Learning English speaking with Ben English is a great choice for everyone as people can choose to learn online or take part in face-to-face classs. The online English Speaking courses are conducted through a fully-featured elearning system making the learning process the most effectively. And if you want to join us in person courses. just visit Ben English tutoring centers.
Ben English in HCMC has 2 tutoring centers that you can visit and enroll in your English courses:

1. Go Vap: Thong Nhat street, Ward 16
Tel/Zalo: 0932232027
2. District 12: Thanh Xuan 12, Thanh Xuan ward
Tel/Zalo: 0936 570 778

Ben English on Youtube

Ben English channel on Youtube has many videos for learning English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, writing and so on. We have videos uploaded every day during the week.
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