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Learning English Speaking

Learning English Speaking to improve your Spoken English with Ben English. Let’s Speak English fluently with the English Speaking courses. We build the courses with video lessons and online classes conducted by real time teachers. If you need more information, contact us!

Learning English Speaking online nowadays becomes more popular. With advanced techonology, students and teachers totally communicate interactively. If you want to improve your English speaking skill, then you have found the right place. Ben English Class offers online English Speaking course in blended learning platform, so you can learn English speaking online right at home or anywhere with internet connection.

Learning English Speaking online

About Online English Speaking Course

We build our courses to help you learn English speaking so you can speak English fluently. At Ben English Class, you can learn to speak English online with real-time live teachers. The weekly live schedule is often updated. 

What do I need to learn English Speaking online?

A computer (desktop or laptop), an iPad, or a smartphone with a good internet connection. A good headset with a USB port will be great for good audio quality when you’re on a computer.

Do I need books or any paper materials to join an online English Speaking class?

Learning materials are provided. It is best that you print out these papers, and you should have a pencil with you.

What platform or software do I need?

We deliver live online classes through Skype and/or zoom. So you need these apps to take part in the classes.

Learning English Speaking online Course

The online English Speaking course is designed in 2 levels called English Speaking 1 and English Speaking 2. You can talk to us and find out more about the course and have a quick interview for placement.

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This English Speaking course is for you if you want to:

  1. communicate fluently during conversations in real life face to face or on the phone
  2. be persuasive and effective with your clients.
  3. understand fast-talking native speakers face-to-face or in calls
  4. make presentations in person or via video calls in English
  5. make your pronunciation and body language clear 

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to speak English easily and confidently
  • Get a proven process and practical techniques to speak fluent English effortlessly
  • Develop English speaking, communication skills, and articulation skills for interviews, meetings, and discussions
  • Understand and fix the most common English grammar mistakes in verbal and written communication
  • Fix common pronunciation mistakes
  • Learn how to get rid of mother tongue influence
  • Improve vocabulary for English conversation practice

Check out the English speaking courses now to begin learning English speaking online:

English Speaking 1 
English Speaking 2

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Learning English Speaking online with Ben English Class. You will access to Ben English Academy, watch recored video, do online practices. And also, you can take part in online English Speaking classes and practice your English Speaking skills with other students and Ben English teachers.

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Online English Couses

Ben English offers different online English courses for people who want to learn English faster and better. People can choose to learn English with us either online or offline at their most comfortable. We also have online English test preparation courses helping you get ready for IELTS, TOEIC, ….

So if you’re looking for an English course, then try our online courses. All our online courses have recorded videos and online English classes conducted by live English teacher at real time.

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We build an English learning channel on Youtube called “Học Tiếng Anh“. We post many videos helping you learning English better there. Subscribe to the Học Tiếng Anh channel so don’t miss any videos.

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