TOEIC Registration, Test Taking, Score report

TOEIC registration, Test taking, Score report

Are you going to take the TOEIC test? Then this post is helpful. In this post, we are going to share with you what you need to do before taking the test, and while you’re in the test room, and the score report information.

Registration for TOEIC test

To register for your TOEIC test, first, you need to check the test date available at the website of your TOEIC test center in your country. 

You can either visit the center in person or register online. 

Check out the detailed instruction at this site

TOEIC Test Taking

On the test day, it is important that you must:

  • Provide proof of your identity to the supervisor.
  • Only have on your desk your identification card.
  • Ensure mobile phones, pagers, and any electronic devices are switched off and placed with personal belongings outside the test room.
  • Not lend anything to, or borrow anything from, another candidate during the test.
  • Listen to the supervisor and do what you are asked to do.
  • Tell the supervisor or invigilator at once if you think you are not given the right test booklet, or if the test booklet is incomplete or illegible.
  • Read carefully and follow the instructions printed in the test booklet.
  • Fill in your name and registration number on your answer before the start of the test.
  • Listen carefully to the recorded instructions to familiarize yourself with the listening volume in the test room.
  • Remember your test date and registration number so that you can check your test result online later.

TOEIC Test Score Report

Don’t think that you pass or fail the TOEIC test. The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is not a pass-or-fail test. Test results indicate your proficiency levels in listening and reading in the English language.

Scores on the TOEIC Listening and Reading test are determined by the number of correct answers, which is converted to a scaled score. The score report provides listening, reading, and total scaled scores. The total scaled score is derived from adding the two scaled scores together.

You will receive a score report that lists your Listening, Reading, and total scores in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

  • If you took the test through your school or employer, the contact person there will receive your score.
  • If you took the test independently at a TOEIC public test center, your score will be sent directly to you.

Scores are confidential and released only to ETS, you, and/or your sponsoring organization. With your written permission, public test scores may be given to other organizations. Contact your local test office for information.

Results are issued by test centers, usually within 20 days after the test. Institutions or organizations where you have registered may access your before you receive it by mail.

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