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TOEIC Test Format

There are two separate parts to the TOEIC test. You can do one or both parts.

  1. The Listening and Reading test is a paper and pencil test that takes 2.5 hours and is taken at a test center.
  2. The Speaking and Writing test is an online test that is taken in a test center and takes 90 minutes. The Speaking and Writing test is a new test that is only available in some countries.

The TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

In the TOEIC Reading and Listening test, there are 200 questions, and there are 100 questions in the listening, 100 questions in the reading. 

The test takes approximately 2½ hours, with:

  • 45 minutes for Section I: Listening
  • 75 minutes for Section II: Reading
  • approximately 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

There are 7 parts to the new TOEIC test starting from 2019. 

Listening Comprehension Section (100 questions):

Part 1: Picture Description
6 questions – Photographs 6 questions

Part 2: Question Response
25 questions – You listen and choose the correct response to each question

Part 3: Short Conversations
Conversation 39 questions.
= 13 conversations, 3 questions per conversation.

Part 4: Short Talks
Talks: 30 questions
= 10 talks, 3 questions per talk.

Reading Comprehension Section:

Part 5: Incomplete Sentences – 30 questions

Part 6: Error Recognition or Text Completion
– Text Completion:  16 questions

Part 7: Reading Comprehension
– Single Passage 29 questions
    = 10 single passage, 2-4  questions per passage
– Multiple Passage: 25 questions
     = 2 set-based double passages,
    3 set-based triple passages, 5 questions per set. 

The TOEIC Speaking and Writing test

 The speaking and writing TOEIC test takes approximately 2 hours to complete.
• Speaking Section – 20 minutes
• Writing Section = 60 minutes
• Filling out forms = approximately 30 minutes

For the Speaking and Writing Test, you will be tested on a computer. You will complete each task by responding to a microphone or typing your response on-screen. You cannot go back and rerecord or retype most task responses.

Speaking Section
The Speaking Test is first on the computer-based TOEIC Speaking and Writing test. The Speaking Test consists of 11 tasks total and lasts about 20 minutes.

Questions 1-2: Read a Text Aloud
Question 3: Describe a Picture
Questions 4-6: Respond to Questions
Questions 7-9: Respond to Questions Using Information Provided
Question 10: Propose a Solution
Question 11: Express an Opinion

You will wear a headset with both earphones and a microphone during the test. You should speak
clearly and carefully to be sure your speech is heard correctly by the scorers. You will be given the opportunity before you start to check that your microphone is in the best position and at the best levels to record your responses.

Should you have any technical issues before or during the test, you will be able to call an administrator for help.

You will be expected to speak for a specific amount of time on some of the tasks and will be given a specific amount of time to prepare for some of the tasks. The audio program will indicate when preparation and speaking times begin and end. An on-screen timer may also be used to help you gauge how much time you’ve used and how much time you have left to speak.

Writing Section
The Writing Test is last on the computer-based Speaking and Writing Test. The Writing Test consists of eight tasks total and lasts about one hour.

Questions 1-5: Write a Sentence Based on a Picture
Questions 6-7: Respond to a Written Request
Question 8: Write an opinion Essay

The test is given on a standard English-language keyboard. You should therefore practice typing and working with this type of keyboard (called a QWERTY keyboard) if possible to ensure that you will be able to perform well on the test day. A QWERTY keyboard is the most common English keyboard layout, and you can check to see if you have this version by looking at the first six letters that are located at the top-left edge of the keyboard. The letters should read Q-W-E-R-T-Y. If you do not have a QWERTY keyboard, you may wish to find one on which you can practice before you take the test.

In the Writing Test, you will be expected to complete specific tasks in a certain amount of time.

When your time is over, a pop-up window will notify you that your time is finished and that you will need to move to the next question. As with the Speaking Section, an on-screen timer may also be used to help you gauge how much time you’ve used and how much time you have left to write.

If at any given point during the test you are unsure how to do a task, you can click on the “Help” button to get information about how to do the test. You can also call an administrator for help with technical issues.

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