Let’s learn about TOEIC Listening and Reading

In this section, TOEIC Listening and Reading test structure is introduced, strategies to get high score are discussed. If you want to get your target score. Start now.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test structure

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test measures your English-language listening and reading skills for the workplace. Test questions simulate real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. 
If you take it together with the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests, you’ll get a complete measurement of all four English-language communication skills.

The test takes about 2.5 hours total:

  • 45 minutes for Section I: Listening
  • 75 minutes for Section II: Reading
  • About 30 minutes to answer biographical questions

TOEIC Listening

Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded in English, then answer questions based on what you have heard (100 queston items).

  • Part 1: Photographs (6 photos)
    You will listen to 4 descriptions and choose the best one describing the photo given.
  • Part 2: Question-Response (25 questions)
    You will listen to a question or statement and 3 reponses, and choose the correct response to the question or the statement.
  • Part 3: Conversations(39 questions)
    You will listen to 13 conversations and 3 questions for each conversation, then answer the questions.
  • Part 4: Talks(30 questions)
    You will listen to 10 short talks and 3 questions for each talks, you have to choose the correct answer for the questions.

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TOEIC Reading

Test takers read a variety of materials and respond at your own pace (100 questions total).

  • Part 5: Incomplete Sentences(30 questions)
    Test takers have to complete 30 incomplete sentences with 4 answer choices focusing on grammar and vocabulary. The sentence topics are about common business and everyday themes.
  • Part 6: Text Completion(16 questions)
    Test takers have to read 4 text passages and choose the correct options to complete passages. There are 4 questions for each passage.
  • Part 7: Reading Comprehension(54 questions)
    – Single Passages: 29 questions;
    10 reading texts with 2-4 questions each.
    – Multiple Passages: 25 questions;
    5 sets of double or triple passages with 5 questions per set.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Preparation Course

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TOEIC Listening and Reading
IELTS Listening

TOEIC Speaking and Writing.

TOEIC Speaking and Writing section introduces you what the test is about, and how to improve the skills you need to sit the Speaking and Writing test. Check out this section to learn more about the Speaking and Writing test and the ways to improve your language and skills for the test.

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