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Ben English Class (BEC) is an online English Training portal. Let’s learn English online with BEC. It provides ESL learners around the world free English lessons and online English courses. We work hard in order to design good English learning materials with videos and clear explanation. You can choose to learn English free or take a paid online English course.

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In order to Learn English online at Ben English Class, it’s easy as 1-2-3. We offer free online student account, so you can just create an account with us, and then you can be in touch with us 247. Create an account now!

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Now you have an online student account. What you do is to select a course or courses you’re interested in. We have online English courses with live classes for individuals or small groups of 3 – 5 students.

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It’s time to start learning. The course or courses you choose designed in a modern way of teaching and learning. You watch video and learn, then do online exercises. Join in live English class and learn.

Learn English online free

We have many free English lessons helping you learn English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation. General English section gives you tools to work with and improve your English language of 4 skills; listening & speaking, reading and writing.

Free English lessons


Basic and common English grammatical rules and structures are taught in those grammar lessons.


Vocabulary lessons are designed in common daily topics. These help you learn and practice vocabulary.


Pronunciation lessons help you learn how to say the sounds of English, and stress in words, and sentences.

General English

General English lessons are designed to assist students to improve 4 language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Learning English with Ben English Class

Learn English Online with English Courses

Ben English Class offers online English courses to people who want to enhance the communication skills; speaking and listening. Our courses also help you improve your English speaking skills and get ready for IELTS, TOEIC. Below are some of our online English courses.

How you spend your day
Ben English Class – IELTS Online
Communication Skills

English Speaking

Ben English Class offers online English Speaking course in blended learning platform, so you can learn English speaking online right at home or anywhere with internet connection.

IELTS Preparation Courses
Ben English Class – IELTS Online
Test Preparation

IELTS Online

Taking IELTS preparation course at BEC is completely online. You interact with an online teacher during the course. You will improve your language skills for IELTS and learn how to do the test better.

Online Student membership at Ben English Class

Ben English Class (BEC) offers different online student membership types allowed students to join in online English courses, and online English classes.

We offer different types of online student membership:

  1. Lifetime Regular online student membership – this type of account gives you limited access to English lessons at Ben English Class and has NO access to ANY courses at Learn English Academy(LEA) created and managed by Ben English. 
  2. Paid Online Student Memberships has 3  levels;
    – Regular ( $2.50 for lifetime)
    – Basic
     (30 days for $54.95),
    – Gold  (90 days for $149.50),
    – Premium (365 days for $644.50)
    with these types of accounts, you have full access to all learning resources in Ben English Academy(BEA)  and you can take online English courses we offer.

Learning English with Youtube video

Ben English Channel helps you learn English online better! There are many free English video lessons, and tips to learn English online; learning English vocabulary, learning English grammar, learning English pronunciation, learning English speaking, and much more.

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